Covid-19 Update

Customer Care

Charia is inspired by the two-fold major changes the economy is facing. One being Covid-19 and the other acting now to  reverse global warming from human activity by reducing quality products going to landfills and creating greenhouse gases. Our services started in the new economic conditions and are established to operate in them while being adaptable to potential new changes from increased and decreased restrictions, and building a green platform for other businesses to take action and work together.   

Guidelines and Measurements

Charia, is maintaining an active lens in new measurements and restrictions under Public Health and Safety Guidelines to keep everyone safe and reduce the infection rate. In addition our delivery services allow us act on behalf of people's health interest by following protocols designed by service providers in the shipping and delivery industry. This means that our drivers maintain a safe distance, drop items off so it is contactless, use hand sanitizer before and after dropping off items to reduce transmission through touch and wear a mask at all times outside of the vehicle.  

If you have any questions, use our contact page.